Had our first ‘open’ Bible Study’ On Tuesday night. Open = Open to male and female and Christians and non-Christians. We are following the ‘Stranger on the Road to Emmaus’ course – A Brilliant time with good participation

On Wednesday Pamela Brown from the Stauros Foundation began a group meeting for ladies with addiction problems – They will meet every 2 weeks.

Friday night was the Youth BBQ and we went to Seapark in Holywood. While some cooked – others had a go in the play park!!

A few ventured into the sea – clothes and all!!
A Great night finished with Raymond giving his testimony.

Saturday was our ‘Givaway shop’ again – the Centre was absolutely bunged with people – Great opportunities to talk about who we are and why we are on the Shankill. Gave out loads of literature and flyers.

We Went out to the Road in the afternoon with tea and coffee – and to give out literature in the run up to the Whiterock Parade – Great opportunites!!

All knackered!! by the end of the week – but strengthened by