This was a busy week – on top of all the ongoing ministries we had our Christmas dinner. This was the first time we used the conference facility upstairs and it was great to have it filled with over 80 people having a full sit down Christmas dinner on Wednesday evening!

We spent the afternoon getting the room ready.

some friends from Carrickfergus came to help with the cooking and serve the main course!

Enjoyed by all!!

The Team all had on their best party Gear!! and the evening finished with some games etc and an epilogue provided by ‘Eternity Socials’  
Oops!! Forgot we had a special visitor for the Kids!!

Then on Thursday we were able to take all the kids from the after school Club to ‘Beatties’ for their tea – provided by the generosity of some interested friends!

A Great Week – We all need to go on a Diet next Week!!